about us

Sarah Kappos grew up in the 80’s with a Speak ‘n’ Spell and has been in love with words ever since.  Poet, teacher, mother and rebel are a few archetypes she claims.  Sarah is the host of Own It even though she is shy.  

“I believe in what I’m doing more than I believe in my fear.” ~ Sarah Kappos

Philip Millerberg is a man of resonant sound who likes to make music and hum to himself in the elevator.  He loves hats and only wears one pair of jeans. He likes to smile but often smirks. Lately he has been opening his throat chakra, so look out. Phil is a prolific rap and recording ‘artisht.’  

“Own It” is the collaboration of Sarah and Phil who are honored to be stewards of story and sound, two things they love most.

Website: dentonrecords.com

Josh the DJ talks very little unless you get music in him.  He loves chef salads with lots of ranch. He owns two turn tables and a microphone.  He knows how to wire things up pretty good.  Look for him in the Travelin’ Beat Box with the Cheshire grin, bobbin’ his head to old school jams.  The Beat Box is a pop up camp trailer that he gutted and put his speakers in so he could take his music on the road.

The Storytellers

Storytellers are invited to:

Tell their specific story . To Own the truth and be transformed by it.  To trust the audience to hear them.